Making a Little Progress

Slowly but surely I am becoming more IT fluent! Now when I look at HTML it looks a bit more like information rather than completely random characters. Though that was to be expected when taking an Information Technology course. A pleasant surprise was how well this course complements User Centered Information Services and how the thought process behind designing my own website informs how I navigate and think about other websites. When I am navigating a website and find it confusing or easy to use I find myself mentally filing that information away and thinking about what I would do differently or similarly. Also, I think knowing a little about how a website works fundamentally helps me conduct myself a bit more boldly and with slightly more surety when I am interacting with the web.

Another important milestone in my IT fluency is that for the first time ever, I was able to tell my brother something about computers that he didn’t already know. This, of course, is only because he hasn’t used HTML in a long time but it was a completely new experience to sit down with him and tell him about how cascading style sheets and layout divisions work. My moment of triumph was short lived as he then proceeded to figure out in about 30 minutes what I had been trying to figure out all morning. But still! I was able to carry on an intelligent conversation with him about HTML and for that I am proud.




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