What do Jar Jar Binks, Lily Potter, Rose Tyler and I all have in common? Why we’re all ESFJs of course. Well, not exactly. I scored 1% Extrovert, 3% Sensing, and 6% Judging. My highest score was for feeling at a respectable but still not particularly dramatic 38%. What is 1% Extrovert? For instance if you’re competing with another person and you win by 1% you won but…you know, only by 1%. Because of these underwhelming results I was given the disclaimer that I may also exhibit characteristics of 4 other personality types.

In the spirit of getting to the bottom of this whole personality thing I read all of the descriptions in an effort to see which was most me. For having such bland scores ESFJ was the personality type that fit me best. In fact, 5 years ago I took the test and was labeled an ISFJ. I read over that description and it did sound a bit like me though still not to the extent ESFJ does. Perhaps I am slowly becoming more and more Extroverted and in 5 more years maybe my other personality traits will migrate to the opposite end of the spectrum. I will be an ENFJ or an ENFP! I suspect the F aspect is here to stay. For now I say, Team ESFJ for the win! Except for that disaster Jar Jar Binks. I’m not thrilled about him being on team ESFJ…


4 thoughts on “Team ESFJ FTW!

  1. What a great post! I too did some searching on my personality and was surprised by some things but blown away with how accurate some things were. My husband took the test twice (for irony here our last name is Briggs-no wonder he loves it) recently and has taken it multiple times and has gotten two personality types, one introverted and one extroverted. He says that’s pretty accurate as his social personality takes on new forms depending on the season in life.


  2. I think its funny that they gave you 4 other personality types. It is like they were saying, well…you could fit in here, here, or here. I think it is saying that you just get along well with a bunch of other personalities 🙂


  3. Great blog post – must be a popular personality test if even fictional characters can’t resist taking it 🙂 Very well written – you have a really nice style.


  4. It’s interesting that you compared your types. I did that as well and found that I am slightly more extroverted now then I was 6 years ago. Thanks for sharing.


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